Who We Are

Truck and Warehouse
  • Pro Dispatch 24 is a part of Dnipro Logistics family of companies.

  • Our parent companies include a trucking company and an asset based broker with a large team of inhouse dispatchers.

  • In 2016 we began successfully providing dispatch services to outside companies.

our office

Located in sunny Tampa FL, our office accommodates over 75 employees from our dispatch and freight brokerage teams.

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our technology

At Pro Dispatch, we utilize SONAR by Freightwaves Technology to analyze the freight market and predict future trends.


While SONAR is a platform for freight market indexes, aggregating data across the freight economy, SONAR's secret sauce is in the artificial intelligence layer that generates forecasts with all of the information. This enables us to create actionable insights that can significantly impact our customers' profitability.

Company Statistics

36 Professionals in Our Team

We are slowly building our awesome team of dispatchers who undergo a yearly traineeship before commencing their dispatching journey.

102 Satisfied Customers

Over 60% of our current 102 customers have been with us for 1 year or longer. Most of these companies expanded operations despite the pandemic.

25000+ Loads booked in 2020

We achieved great negotiation power with brokers and shippers through scaling the number of loads booked for our customers. 

20% Above Market

Loads we booked for our customers averaged 20% above spot market rate based on Freightwaves average rates reported for 2020